Windy Hill Farm

Windy Hill Farm is our newest acquisition, located in Westminster Massachusetts. It is a gorgeous home surrounded by 29 acres of wooded land that abuts state forest lands. This bucolic location is as peaceful and serene as it is beautiful. It has a timeless feeling to it as you step out of the vehicle and take in the house and the barn and the multitude of nature in every direction.

In the barn, we have two very pleasant Sicilian Donkeys named Rufus and Simon who love any attention that we are willing to  give to them. They are usually out milling around a fenced in area behind the house, or…begging at the fence for any handouts such as carrots or apples that they will gladly receive from anybody. The barn is as immaculate as the house is, except for the fact that it is a barn, and the donkeys are cared for by a couple who lives in the area. They add to the timelessness of the property.

 Coming to Windy Hill is like going on a retreat. We wanted just such a place for our clients so that they could remove themselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and concentrate on themselves. So far all of the clients that we have had here agree that this is just what Windy Hill engenders for them