Our Programs

On-Site Academy offers a wide range of services that can be grouped into three categories: Short-termExtended Stay and Non-Residential.  Below is a short description of the most common services in each category.

  • Five Day Residential Program: This 5 Day residential program is held at our Windy Hill Farm facility in Westminster MA – Monday through Friday. The program consists of CISM debriefing, education and health and wellness components.
  • Intensive Intervention: treatment and education focusing on Critical Incident Stress Management
  • RESTORE: three-day program for veterans returning to enter emergency personnel jobs at home.
  • Extended Care Program: extended program for critical incident stress and addictions together.
  • Transition Program: allows return to home and work while still receiving additions support.
  • Non-Residential Services: Limited apace is available for out-service appointments.  Not all services are available to all people or are appropriate in all situations.  Meeting with a staff member for an intake interview is the first step to decide what services will best meet your needs and help you obtain your goals.
  •  WINGS :  Widows/Widowers In Need of Grief Services following line of duty death, suicide, accidents, and/or natural causes.

  • Family Education and Support: non-residential services for loved ones affected by and/or concerned about an emergency personnel’s career and/or symptoms.

Program Costs: Please contact us directly at 978-874-0177 for further information.