Making Payments


Some unions/relief associations, towns/cities and departments may be willing to finance all or some of the services you receive at On-Site Academy. You should know the following:

**Your union/department/city/w.c will need to provide a signed financial responsibility form stating that they will finance services.

**Some unions/departments/cities/w.c. will request records to verify services received.


On-Site Academy has a limited amount of scholarship beds and services available. Depending on your income and expense qualifications, scholarships can range from partial to full scholarship. Scholarships can be awarded for any residential or out-patient service. There are a limited number of scholarship beds available during a program period and you may be asked to wait until the next scholarship bed is open before entering some programs. Please review the instructions before completing the application. Incomplete or incorrect applications will be returned and delay the approval process.


On-Site Academy accepts Paypal, Cash, Visa, Mastercard, money order or bank check. We are sorry, but personal checks are not typically accepted for amounts over $100.

Health Insurance

Currently, we do not accept insurance.

Please review the payment options and contact the financial advisor to make arrangements prior to entraance into any services.

Costs of Services

The below prices are the maximum costs of services. Each client's treatment plan is individualized, and actual costs are based on services received. On-Site Academy maintains contracts with some departments, cities, unions or organizations; for clients covered under these contracts costs vary.

Please contact the administrator at (978)874-0177 for more details on costs.

Five Day Program - $2,000

Sexual Assault Group - $2,000

Intensive Intervention Programs - $400 per day

RESTORE - $800

Extended Care Program - $175 per day (not including individual services)

Individual Services:

Clinical Individual - $85/hr

Peer Individual - $65/hr


Out-Patient Groups - $75 (not all groups available op)