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Dear On-Site

Hello friends/members of the On-Site Community,

There are lots of resources out there which will help us navigate through all kinds of crises. As with all situations, however, there are things that come up which don’t fit well into a generalized format. Some things feel specific only to us. In that spirit, we would like to invite you to the “Ask On-Site” link which gives you the opportunity to ask specific questions about your own circumstance. So, please, if you have a specific question regarding your mental health and the Covid 19 virus -fire away! Of course you can keep it anonymous by the use of a nick name or user name.
For example:
Dear On-Site – My aging parents want to help by watching my children while I’m at work and won’t take no for an answer! I am worried about them contracting the virus through my kids because I also have contact with them. What do you suggest I say to them?
Sincerely, medic 181

We will then answer your questions publicly on this website link because the answers might help others. This is similar to the old “Dear Abby” format that we thought we would resurrect for our own purposes!

Feel free to ask away and, as always, we would be glad to speak to you privately if that is your wish.

On-Site Staff-

First Responders may submit their concerns and thoughts dealing with Stress and COVID-19:

“The Full Backpack” Information on Crisis Intervention

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Helpful information on how stress affects First Responders and their families:

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Information and Tips to maintain sobriety:

Thought for the Day
In A.A. alcoholics find a way to solve their personality problems. They do this by recovering three things. First, they recover their personal integrity. They pull them selves together. They get honest with them selves and with other people. They face themselves and their problems honestly, instead of running away. They take a personal inventory of themselves to see where they really stand. Then they face the facts instead of making excuses for themselves. Have I recovered my integrity?

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